Hello, this is going to be my experiment into neo cities, coding and sharing: doll, diy, and other nerd content.

Saturn's Favorite


I'll constantly be tinkering with this site as I teach myself html/css. As soon as I heard about neocities I felt in love and immediately became obsessed with creating an online space that actually inspired me.

DIY Projects- will be an everchanging photo gallery showing off my latest projects and wips. I love to sew doll clothes, crochet and am branching out into making clothes for myself more. I'm big on sustainability and upcycling, so lots of scraps->finished products.

Library- is where I'll track what I'm currently reading, what I've read this year and hopefully a visual library of every book I own.

Sanctuary- will just be a peaceful gallery with photos I've taken of nature and textiles, anything that inspires me to create or appreciate my quiet life.

Musings- is just how my Aquarius brain operates when it's late at night and I'm left with only the buzz of electronics and my yearning existentialism.

The Dolls- will be a gallery of my dolls, the clothes I sew for them, and any customization I do. As well as a look into their personalities and why I've named them what I have.

Free Saturn Cursors at www.totallyfreecursors.com